PFT Filters and Products for Pulmonary Testing

Need a reliable source for your PFT Lab products? Trimedco can offer you

  • quick delivery

  • a knowledgeable sales staff with live customer support

  • very competitive pricing

  • We also carry multiple brands of both domestic and imported PFT Filters so we always have options when manufacturers have supply issues.

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Trimedco PFT Filter / PFT Mouthpiece Kits

Made in USA, Best price for multiple piece kits

Packaged with Nose Clip, Rubber Mouthpiece or both.

Allflow PFT Filter / PFT Mouthpiece

AllFlow PFT Filter from Trimedco

Most economical option for filter only, Imported

Low Resistance & Dead Space
Oval or Round Patient End

BreatheRite™ MDI Delivery

Rigid and Collapsible MDI Holding Chamber / Spacer

Nebulizer Sets

High Performance Nebulizers for Aerosol Delivery

VIOS Aerosol Delivery

Lightweight at 3.5 lbs, Fast Medication Delivery, 5 Year Warranty

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