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PFT Filters and Products for Pulmonary Testing

Need a reliable filter source for your PFT Lab? We provide our customers:

  • Fast Delivery

  • Knowledgeable sales staff with live customer support

  • Very competitive pricing

  • Multiple brands of both domestic and imported PFT Filters so we always have options when manufacturers have supply issues.     

  • Already know what you need? Shop Pulmonary

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Made in the USA

Low Resistance & Dead Space
Oval or Round Patient End



Low Resistance & Dead Space
Oval or Round Patient End

Sick little boy with asthma medicine. Mother with ill child lying in bed. Unwell kid with

Valved Holding Chambers, MDI Training Products and Medication Nebulizers

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Spirometers and Pulmonary Monitors

for In-Office Testing

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Pulmonary Monitors for Home


Allow us to be your product source for Respiratory, NICU, and other critical care areas. Looking for an infant suction device for your NICU or a or pft filter / pft mouthpiece for the Pulmonary Lab? Or an oxygen cylinder cart or medical suction regulator for Respiratory? Please browse our other product offerings and let us know how we can assist you.

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