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  • Low cost, entry-level model from the leader in general healthcare and occupational health spirometry test devices
  • Durable measurement technology
  • No need for expensive disposable sensors, turbines, spirettes or flow tubes
  • No user calibration required
  • Optimal hygiene via Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF)
  • Touchscreen for simple and intuitive operation
  • Includes Vitalograph Reports Software for creating editable PDF reports (for printing, filing and uploading to electronic medical record (EMR) systems)
  • Features latest GLI spirometry predicted equations and Z-scores

Vitalograph Micro Spirometer with Vitalograph Reports Software

SKU: 63301
  • Product Vitalograph micro
    Model Number 6300
    Net Size 83mm x 91mm x 32mm
    Net Weight 0.25kg
    Flow Detection Principle Fleisch type pneumotachograph
    Volume Accuracy better than ±3% (or 0.05L) Max. volume 9.99L, Min. volume 0.01L
    Accuracy when in Operating Range Flow ±10%
    Max. flow rate ±16 L/s
    Min. flow rate ±0.02 L/s
    Recommended Operating Temperature Range 17– 37ºC (ISO26782 limits), Design limits 10 – 40ºC
    Performance Standards ATS/ERS 2019
    ISO 23747:2015
    & ISO 26782:2009
    Linearity Better than ±3%
    Battery Type 4 x 1.5 AAA alkaline non-rechargeable
    Power Supply 5V USB power supplied by mini USB cable
    Power 5 Watts
    Safety Standards EN 60601-1:2006
    & A1:2013
    Medical Safety Standard Medical Devices Directive 2007/47/EC
    Designed and Manufactured Under ISO 13485:2003 and 2016
    FDA 21 CFR 820
    SOR 98/282
    Communications USB
    User Interface Touchscreen color LCD, power button
    Volume Detection Flow integration sampling @100Hz
    Maximum Test Duration 90 seconds
    Maximum Displayed Volume 10L
    Printer Use Vitalograph Reports to print to pdf
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