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A motivational tool for smoking intervention by healthcare professionals


The Vitalograph lung age compares a subject's FEV1 with predicted normal values to calculate the subject's 'lung age'. A high lung age in relation to the subject's chronological age can illustrate the likely negative impact of continued smoking on lung function and encourage smoking cessation. Early identification of a reduction in FEV1 can provide early warning of the damage already suffered by the lungs at the pre-symptomatic stage, when smoking cessation is most effective.

lung age Monitor, Smoking Intervention

SKU: 40500
    • Quick and simple to use
    • Interprets lung age to help illustrate the impact of smoking on the subject's lungs
    • Measures FEV1 and displays FEV1 as a % of predicted value
    • Colour zones indicate abnormality level
    • Automatically calculates the best FEV1 from multiple blows
    • Can be used with hygienic Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (eco BVF)
    • Language independent
    • Can be custom branded
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