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The Bridge is a revolutionary product for at-breast supplementation! It features a thin, silicone nipple cover with a built-in channel that attaches to a syringe. Deliver breastmilk or formula. It helps babies latch to the breast and helps promote milk production. It can be used in most circumstances in which a bottle would traditionally be used.

    Bridge Breastfeeding Assistance Device


      • The Bridge Kit (N8001-KT) is perfect for at home parents
      • Allows supplementation while breastfeeding which helps to stimulate natural milk production
      • Prevents breastfeeding interruptions that can lead to latch and supply problems
      • Can be used to provide colostrum, expressed milk, fortified human milk, or formula when necessary
      • Allows precise control of supplement flow, rate, and timing
      • Provides surface for baby to latch
      • Helps maintain skin-to-skin contact
      • Thin medical grade silicone for more natural feel
      • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP

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