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For the home monitoring of asthma with electronic & hard copy reports

The asma-1™ USB combines all the features of the asma-1 with the ability to link to your PC. Session data and device ID may be transmitted to Vitalograph Reports, Spirotrac or an API developers' kit is available for providers of e-Diary, home hub and telemedicine solutions.

asma-1 usb

SKU: 40400
    • Indicates blow quality, number of blows and diurnal variation
    • Device ID automatically transmitted with the data
    • Ability to add comments to the report
    • Optionally separate graphs of am and pm sessions
    • Information presented in tabular and graphical form
    • Can automatically name the PDF file

    asma-1 Reports Include:

    • Subject ID, name, age, height, gender and optional weight field
    • Time/date stamp for each session
    • Best PEF and FEV1 fields automatically populated
    • BMI calculated (from height and weight)
    • Personal best FEV1, PEF and zones as set in asma-1
    • Trend graphs of FEV1 and PEF
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