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Improve inhaler technique through training


The Vitalograph AIM™ assists medical practitioners in identifying the appropriate inhaler type and in training patients to use their inhaler correctly.

Mastery of the correct technique will support more accurate drug delivery in a range of DPI and MDI inhalers and good patient compliance, resulting in better disease management.

Using a hygienic single-use disposable inhaler simulator, AIM provides clear feedback and information to support correct technique including:


  • Inspiratory acceleration at start of inspiration
  • Timing of firing of MDI
  • Inspiratory flow rate throughout inspiration
  • Inhalation time within target flow range
  • Breath hold time at end of inhalation
  • Inhaler types:
    • MDI
    • DPI
    • Generic
    • DISKUS
    • Ellipta
    • Custom inhaler types are also available.

AIM Aerosol Inhalation Trainer

SKU: 45710
  • The battery powered AIM provides accurate and objective live feedback on inspiratory flow rate and breath hold during inhaler use. A summary visual result is displayed to clearly illustrate the difference between good and poor technique. The parts of the inhalation process which a patient has yet to master, including factors that are difficult to observe by eye, are clearly highlighted thereby enabling physicians to concentrate on specific aspects of patient technique.


    • Validates effective use of an inhaler
    • Identifies correct choice of inhaler device type
    • Identifies and quantifies poor inhaler technique
    • Objective identification of proper use of the inhaler device
    • Assists in training patients to use their inhalers correctly
    • Provides clear feedback and instructions to patient and trainer
    • Easy to use, hygienic and low cost
    • MDI, DPI and spacer training options
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