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Analytical Industries Medical Oxygen Sensors

Analytical Industries' advanced sensor technology provides excellent performance, accuracy and stability as well as fast recovery from exposure to air. Users of our galvanic oxygen sensors benefit from an extended sensor lifetime and minimal maintenance.

  • Unmatched Quality Control-Every sensor is subjected to extensive quality assurance testing providing you with documented test results and the most reliable oxygen sensors available today.

  • Longest Expected Life-With our technology, sensors are expected to last up to 5 years in normal use.

  • Realistic Warranty-Sensors are warranted for up to 18 months based on 60-70% Oxygen levels.

  • Superior Service-The most common products ship within 24 hours. Knowledgeable engineers and service representatives are trained and ready to assist. ​

PSR-11-917-J2 analytical industries sensor.png

Search for your Oxygen Sensor by entering your equipment manufacturer or OEM Sensor number into the Search Box below. Select the Product Number for more information and pricing.

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