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Oxygen and Air Flowmeters and Specialty Gas Flow Devices

Choose from our full range of adult and pediatric oxygen and air flowmeters

Trimedco oxygen and air flowmeter precision medical
Trimedco oxygen wye flowmeter precision medical
Trimedco oxygen T flowmeter precision medical

Shop by O2 Flowmeter Style

​Compact and Chrome Flowmeters

  • polycarbonate housing is impervious to chemical solutions normally used in a clinical setting

  • compact models feature a lightweight aluminum body that provides superior durability.

  • housing incorporates a white background that makes the flow settings easier to read and a black glass flow indicator ball that provides better accuracy than traditional plastic flow indicator flowmeter.

  • lifetime warranty on flow tube & needle valve has a five-year warranty

  • MR Conditional and custom configurations available

Shop by Air Flowmeter Style

Trimedco oxygen select flow flowmeter precision medical

Select Flowmeters

  • The select flowmeter allows you to direct the output of the flowmeter to any ONE of the three outlet connections integrated into the flowmeter.

  • With multiple ports, you can leave the cannula, humidifier, and nebulizer hooked up to the outlet for easy treatment whenever needed.

Trimedco oxygen flowmeters neb block precision medical

Neb Block

Neb Blocks are available in Oxygen and Air and allow instant flow delivery independent of the flowmeter for resuscitation, treatments, etc.

Trimedco oxygen flowmeter eliminator instant flow precision medical


  • The Eliminator is available with either chrome or compact flowmeters.

  • The resuscitation bag hanger turns on flow instantly when the bag is removed for use, eliminating the need for continuous high oxygen flow to the bag.

  • The standard configuration is available in three preset flows. A fixed-flow barb controls flow to the resuscitation bag. The flowmeter operates independent of the Eliminator and can be used for oxygen treatments.

Trimedco oxygen supply manifold precision medical

Oxygen Supply Manifold

  • manifold

  • 6 oxygen masks

  • 20 foot hose

  • contained in a convenient hard shell carry case

Allow us to be your source for Respiratory, NICU, and other critical care areas. Looking for an infant suction device for your NICU or a or pft filter / pft mouthpiece for the Pulmonary Lab? Or an oxygen cylinder cart or medical suction regulator for Respiratory? Please browse our other product offerings and let us know how we can assist you.

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